Tempest Security Cabinet 2245/1115

Meets the requirements according to Tempest standards: NATO SDIP-27/1 level A (100dB / 30MHz – 10GHz / 1m), European standard EN 50147 and NSA94-106.

Certified by SBSC according to SSF 3492.

External measurements H*W*D (mm): 2245 * 870 * 1115
Internal measurements H*W*D (mm): 1980 * 624 * 900
Weight: 745 kg

Number of height units for 19″ rack: 35U

Standard equipped with:
Honey comb filter with double inlet and outlet for ventilation.
6 axial fans with programmable thermostat control. 178m³/h per fan. (Max sound 48dB, 240VAC.)
EMC filter for the mains voltage going into and out of the Tempest unit.
Filter for optical fiber.
1 power strip with 6 outlets.
19″ rack in the Tempest unit.

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