Safe deposit lockers

Robur has manufactured and installed more than 3,5 million Safe deposit lockers around the world to banks, hotels and safe deposit centres. BF4 is our latest model with enhancement of  the highest security. Robur’s safe deposit lockers are certified by SBSC. Robur manufactures the Safe deposit locker doors in aluminum, which makes them both attractive and robust. The aluminum finish gives the customers a feeling of tradition and timeless design.


Robur has a continuous development of electronic systems for the lockers.

We are currently working with our seventh generation of electronic system meeting and surpassing market requirement. This version is called RS 4000. It`s controlled by the bank’s or the deposit center’s staff, in conjunction with the customer. Alternatively the system can be completely self-service. The customers identify themselves via PIN code, RFID card or fingerprint scan (Bio PIN).

We also have a database system (DB 4000) for those customers who wish to have a more comprehensive management of it`s customers without having additional systems

Robur manufactures it`s Safe deposit lockers at their own production facility in Falkenberg, Sweden.


Please follow the link below for a video on our Safe deposit lockers.





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