Casted server safe model 800

Robur Safe`s Casted server safe is produced according to the norm 1143-1 Grade I. The body and door is a solid welded construction in 4 mm steel.  As option there are a number of different alarm systems and electronic combination locks.

The safe comes with a thermostatically controlled fan with an air replacement at 410m³ per hour. Incoming air is led through the two air intakes on each side of the safe. The safe is equipped with 19” rack, custom network and crypto equipment reversible key lock type FAS and a passcode lock that meets their requirements for the NSM HEMMELIG.

In model 800 there`s room for 13 height units.

Exterior dimensions: H*W*D (mm):  1013 * 785 * 921

Internal  dimensions: H*W*D (mm): 800 * 650 * 725

Weight: 429 kg

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