Strongrooms & Vault doors

Robur offers a complete range of Prefabricated Strongrooms & Vault doors. The Vault design is intended to meet the standards of the banking industry, safe deposit centres, pharmaceutical suppliers or any other situation where tested and certified products are required.

The Strongrooms and Vault doors are independently certified to EN 1143-1 Grades I to XI EX CD.

The Strongrooms and Vault doors in Grade VIII to Grade XI have been certified to EX, providing special protection against explosives and to CD providing extra protection against diamond core drill.

The Prefabricated Strongrooms are custom fabricated to meet the exact requirements. The doors come with, one two or three locks as per the requirement of the standard EN 1143-1. Alarm and ventilation connection can be done without affecting the security.

The doors with the option of mounting triple locks can also be fitted with emergency opening locks in all lock positions.

The doors are prepared for grille gate installation.

Strongroom door

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