Safes Grade VI EX

Robur`s safes in Grade VI EX are certified by SBSC according to the European standard 1143-1.

The safes are fire rated and certified by SBSC under NT Fire 017-60P.

The cabinet has a plinth to simplify the transport.

Explosion certified according to European standards and thus has the extension EX in the certificate.

Robur’s safes protect against both burglary and fire. The safes have two key locks (class C) and can if desired be equipped with a wide range of standard high-security locks. Robur offers Grade VI EX in five different sizes.

Robur offers a range of interior options in the safes such as removable shelves, lockable compartments and deposit compartments, sliding frames but also deposit boxes in the larger models.


 Grade VI EX-900 Grade VI EX-1200 Grade VI EX-1500 Grade VI EX-1800/2 Grade VI EX-1800/3
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