Laptop wagon TSS 1000/ Fort Knox

The Laptop wagon TSS 1000/Fort Knox is our most popular model that holds 30 laptops and 45 tablets.

The Fort Knox wagon is equipped with extractable shelves for easy access of tablets/laptops.

The Laptop wagon is equipped with two doors on each side. The doors are fitted with 40 pieces of sockets for charging and with storing of the charger cables. As an option, we can equip the Fort Knox wagon with a thermostatically controlled fan. As standard, adapter bags are included for convenient storage of charger cables.

Standard locking: Key lock, but also a possibility for optional locking.

The Laptop wagon is grounded and CE-marked for safe use.

External dimensions (inc, wheels/handle):h * w * d (mm): 1140 * 830 * 605

Weight: 165 kg

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