Security cabinets for laptops

Robur’s Security cabinets for laptops are certified by SBSC according to the norm SSF 3492.

The Security cabinets for laptops protects against drilling, manipulation, punching and breaking. There are pre-drilled holes for floor mounting. The locking system secures the door in closed position independent of the hinges. Standard is one key lock but there is possibility for two locks. The cabinet can also be equipped with electronic combination locks.

The Laptop cabinets are equipped with shelves with compartments for computers or tablets. The socket for charging and ventilation with fan is of 240 V. The Laptop cabinets are also grounded and CE-marked for safe use.

 RSK 700 for 12 laptops/tablets RSK 1600 for 24 laptops/tablets RSK 1800 for 30 laptops/tablets
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