Safe deposit lockers BF4

BF4 is Robur`s latest model of Safe deposit lockers. Robur’s Safe deposit lockers are certified by SBSC. Robur manufactures the Safe deposit locker doors in aluminuim which makes old lockers look like new. In other words, new Safe deposit lockers blend in well with the elderly lockers. The Safe deposit locker body is in steel.

Robur has a continuous development of electronic systems for safe deposit lockers to meet the market`s requirements and the latest version is RS 5000. RS 5000 is controlled by the bank´s or the safe deposit centre’s staff, but it is also possible to connect to a self service system. The customers identify themselves with a PIN-code or a fingerprint scanning (BioPIN). RS 5000 has all the necessary standard features such as customer lists, event logs, alarm functions etc.

Robur has also developed a system for those customers desiring extended functionality called DB 5000. Robur manufactured it`s Safe deposit lockers in their own production facility in Falkenberg, Sweden.

 BF4 - Standard width BF4 - Half width BF4 - Double width Safe Deposit Lock - Robur 2391 Control system RS 5000 and DB 5000
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