Control system RS 5000 and DB 5000

Robur’s banking control system RS 5000 is used to serve, monitor and record events in the banks and deposit centres with electronic control locks. The system is used by the personnel for customer registration, as well as to unlock the electrical control locks and the grill gates.

This self-service system provides an additional feature to the basic RS 5000, saving time both for customer and bank staff. With the customer’s unique card and the personal pin code the customer can open the grill gate and the electronic control lock of the locker without assistance from the bank staff. The customer can then open the locker with the own personal key.

This RS 5000 system can be extended with a customer database “DB 5000”. DB 5000 includes the customer database, a program where customers and lockers can be administrated, a supervisory console where activities and alarm from the RS 5000 system can be monitored and System Administrators Program where the locker layout is configured and where import and export of information can be done.

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