Prefabricated strongrooms

Robur’s Prefabricated strongrooms consists of wall, ceiling and floor panels welded or bolted together enabling installation in location where welding is not possible.
The Strongrooms design is adapted to each project’s conditions and needs.
The Strongrooms are constructed with modular panels for a quick and easy assembly, disassembly and extension

Burglary protection
All Robur`s Prefabricated strongrooms are certified to the European standard EN 1143-1.

 Prefabricated strongroom Grade I Prefabricated strongroom Grade III LW (Low Weight) Prefabricated strongroom Grade III Prefabricated strongroom Grade V Prefabricated strongroom Grade VI Prefabricated strongroom Grade VIII EX CD Prefabricated strongroom Grade X EX CD Prefabricated strongroom Grade XI EX CD Prefabricated strongroom for storage of explosives and explosive goods Grade III (LW) & III Prefabricated strongroom for storage of weapons Grade III
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