RSH 3000 & 4000

RSH 3000 and RSH 4000 are equipped for storage of banknotes, coins and forms. The body is a rigid welded unit built of steel. RSH 3000 is equipped with 3 drawers and RSH 4000 with 4. The partitions between the drawers are welded to the body. Each security drawer is locked to the body by a locking bolt placed at the rear inner side of the body. The pedestal is equipped with Robur’s own PIN code lock with possibility of individual codes for each drawer.

At RSH 3000 the two upper security drawers are for funds which the cashier needs
to have easily available. The bottom drawer receives and protects banknotes which have been
deposited through both chutes.

At RSH 4000, the bottom part of the body forms a covered plinth equipped with 4 drawers.

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RSH 3000, 4000
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