For secure storage and easy management of medicines. The Drawer compartments enclosure and drawer front are constructed with double sheet metal walls.

The Drawer compartments are separated from each other with welded steel partitions. The RSH A1 is common for use in drugstores.

The Drawer unit is equipped with Robur’s electronic code lock and can be programmed with equal or individual codes to each drawer. Time delays can also be programmed individually for the drawers. The Drawers have a strong locking mechanism in the back cover of the pedestals which provides a good protection against burglary.

The unit is equipped with Robur´s PIN-code lock,
which is integrated into the construction.
From the key-board individual codes and time delays can easily be programmed for each drawer.
It means that different type of drugs with different security levels (A and B
drugs) can be stored in different drawers.

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